Sunday, October 14, 2012

Duct Tape Purse Blue

Start with your rectangle piece of material face down.  Tape the corners to keep it in place.  The material was bought from Stampin' Up!  The duct tape was bought from JoAnn's. 

 Lay two piece of ribbon down and tape over them to keep them in place.  Then find the middle of your fabric and place your first piece of tape.  This will become the bottom of your bag.  Begin placing pieces of tape in the design of your choice.  You will want them to overlap.

 Fold the ribbon back over the tape to get it out of the way.

 Try to overlap the next piece of tape while allowing the ribbon to go from being underneath the tape to above it.  

  The blue flower strip is not duct tape really.  It is very thin, more like clear packing tape.  The white flowers are actually clear and will take on any color you place underneath it. 

Gently lift the material and flip it over.  You can either trim the excess tape by hand with scissors or use a rotary cutting tool and a quilting cutting guide.  The rotary cutter was much easier.  If you use scissors get the Fiskars non-stick scissors.  Anything else gets gooey too fast.  Really you should use those anyways for cutting the tape in the first place.

After you've trimmed the sides.  Place a piece of tape at the tops of the bag to give it a nice edge, then trim the tape.

 So far so good.  Now Fold the bag in half, to take the shape of a bag.  And tape the sides.  It is easy to get bubbles as you fold the tape over from one side to the other.  Go slow. 
 Sorry I don't have a good picture of this.  Open the bag up.

 Your bottom corners will look like this after you open it up.  Take the very tip and begin to push it into the inside of the bag. 


 Flatten out the corner on the inside of the bag, along the bottom of the bag.  It will look like this when you are done. Blue is the side of the bag and white is the bottom.

Run a strip of tape all along the sides and bottom for extra strength and to hold the corner piece down.

 Tie the ribbon ends and you are done.

 One very cute little bag.  To be honest they are still quite thin and not extremely sturdy.  We've considered putting a piece of felt under the tape to see if that will strengthen it at all.  I haven't actually used the purses yet and don't know how much weight they can handle or if they will begin to unravel or wear in a certain area more than others.  If you try it, let me know how it turns out.  I'd love to see your creations. 

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