Monday, June 10, 2013

End of year Teacher Gifts 2013

Jack made a robot card for his teachers.  The back of the plastic candy cup is tin foil for the teacher to pierce through. 
Here are the gifts for Ilana's teachers.  My favorite chex mix, ok the only chex mix, I like.  It is beyond addicting.  

Chex Mix Recipe:
 Judy's Chex Mix
  Crispex Cereal (1 Box)
  Large jar of Plantars roasted peanuts
  Small bag of pretzel sticks
  1 Box of light brown sugar
  2 sticks of salted butter
  1/2 cup light Caro syrup (you can find it right by the pancake syrup)
  Mini baking M & M's
  A cheap throw away turkey roasting pan.  If you get the really big one it just makes clean up way easier.
  Put: cereal, peanuts, 
and pretzels in the roasting   pan.
  Put: sugar, butter, and syrup in a pot and bring to a boil. 
          *it needs to be a FULL boil (center and  edges)  for 90 seconds.  If you don't do it long enough then  the  chex mix will end up sticky and if you do it too long it will be really hard.  So watch the clock.  
Pour: over dry mixutre and stir it up.  
 Put: in the oven at 350 for 8 minutes.  Stir itagain and put   it in for another 8 minutes.
  Spread  over tin foil (the new non-stick kind is best) on the  counter  to cool.  You will need a lot of counter space  so clear it off  before hand.  Add the M & M's as  soon as you can.  They  will melt a little bit and stick  to the mixture.  That is okay  because otherwise they  would all fall to the bottom of the container  and you don't  see them again until you have eatten it all.
  As the mixture cools it can  
all lump together.  As it cools I usually go around and spearate it a little.

Catch Up Teacher Gifts 2.0 (for Valentines Day) 2013

My mom helped me sew this apron as a Christmas gift.  

I've seen all over these all over the internet and had to try it out.  Ha, I just realized I didn't take pictures of the final project.  Are you kidding me?  Blech!  Good thing I actually forgot to give one to Liam's speech teacher.  I'll get it out and take a picture before I post.  For heavens sakes.

*Only one picture wasn't fuzzy.

Use a razor blade to slice down the paper, much easier than just ripping it off.
 Organize  your colors.
 Chop them up on a chopping board YOU NEVER WANT TO PUT FOOD ON AGAIN.  Yeah, I ruined two of my favorite boards.  (Sigh).  The wax just doesn't come off completely no matter what.
 I bought a rubber mold that could go into the oven specifically for this project.  It's hard to get the wax totally off this too so I don't think I'll ever use it for food either.

 I wanted to try it out in a metal mold as well.  It was hard to get them out intact.  Won't use this again.