Sunday, March 7, 2010


For Valentines Day Jackson always gives his teachers a chocolate rose. They are always surprised:) In Germany they don't do Valentine's Day and much as we do. This year I did a special valentine box for his two main teachers and Pia who is a friend and babysits for us. Here is how they turned out.

This is a cute heart tote made from the Big Shot petal card . I found it to be really awkward. I used DS Paper and should have done card stock so maybe that made the difference. It was cute enough though. I got the idea from Craftin Carolina's blog.

For a friend

As the end of my time as FRG Leader came closer, I wanted to make a useful thank you gift for my advisor. Sue was an incredible help and never tried to pressure us to do anything. I appreciated her friendship and hard work so much. So I made her a box of thank you cards. Here is the box and some of the things I put in it.