Friday, December 27, 2013

Thank you's for a loved one's passing.

There was a death in our extended family a little while ago.  We weren't able to attend the funeral but I wanted to send something to our loved one's widow.  I wanted it to be something more personal, and useful, then flowers.

So I chose to  make a series of Thank You cards that she could use to thank all her family and friends that were there to give her support in this difficult time.  They are all simple but I think they turned out really pretty.

This is the card I sent to express our sympathy.
These cards are laying flat so the top portion is actually the back.  It has a small round stamp that says "handmade".  

In this collection of cards I used clear paper a lot.  I punched a hole in the clear to frame the message here.  All the stamps are underneath the clear.  It can help soften the look of the stamps beneath.

Visiting Teaching

When my visiting teaching route changed, I made some "hello" cards and a magnet with my information on it to send to the new ladies I visit.

 Card to introduce myself.

Matching magnet for their fridge.


Scripture Chocolates

I found these cute chocolates made to look like scriptures.  I had to make them and thought I would post a short tutorial.  I found the idea HERE.  This link also has a short tutorial.  I have changed very little, just added a few short cut/tips and pictures to illustrate the instructions.  
Items needed:
Hershey Nuggets
Double Sided Tape
Blank Address Label Stickers
Red and Black Paper
Paper Cutter
Non-stick Scissors
Optional: Stamp and Stamp Pad

Start with two chocolate nuggets.  Cut a black piece of paper to 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  
Cover the black paper with double sided tape.  
Take blank address labels and write your message/ scripture on them.  
Place label on the two chocolates side by side.  
Make a crease in between the two chocolates.
Wrap the address label around each side.  

Place double sided tape on a small piece of red paper.  Take the non-stick scissors and cut a very slim piece to be the bookmark.  
 Bend  the end just a little.

Place the bent end  behind the address label.

 Use the tweezers to make the end of the bookmark stick to the address label.
 Place the chocolates on the double sided tape on the black paper and you are done.