Friday, December 27, 2013

Thank you's for a loved one's passing.

There was a death in our extended family a little while ago.  We weren't able to attend the funeral but I wanted to send something to our loved one's widow.  I wanted it to be something more personal, and useful, then flowers.

So I chose to  make a series of Thank You cards that she could use to thank all her family and friends that were there to give her support in this difficult time.  They are all simple but I think they turned out really pretty.

This is the card I sent to express our sympathy.
These cards are laying flat so the top portion is actually the back.  It has a small round stamp that says "handmade".  

In this collection of cards I used clear paper a lot.  I punched a hole in the clear to frame the message here.  All the stamps are underneath the clear.  It can help soften the look of the stamps beneath.

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