Friday, September 14, 2012

Pintrest Bracelet

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and had to try my hand at it.  I love the simplicity of it.  I've had a hard time finding the charms that are open.  All those shown below were bought at JoAnn's.  I decided to make a bunch for July 4th to share with friends.  Thus, all the threads are July 4th themed. 

I didn't want to just tie a knot because I would have to cut it to get it off.  I looked on You Tube and found a tutorial for a slip knot.  I put small metal discs on  the ends to make it easier to grab on to when I slipped it on and off.   

Fun little bracelets that take seconds to make.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oakpark Roses


 Our Children's Dental Office is  FAN-STINKIN'-TASTIC!  We love taking our kids to Oakpark Dentistry in Simi Valley, Ca.  My Dad was my Pedodontist and my Orthodontist growing up so I am pretty picky.  He suggested Oakpark since he is retired.  After our first visit we found one of the Orthodontists was a UCLA grad.  Turns out he interviewed with my Dad to get in to UCLA.  He began his schooling just as my Dad retired.  (It's very cute but that doctor was stressing over the dental plan he had to put together for my daughter.  Knowing that one of his old professors would be reviewing his work made him so nervous!  LOL!  So cute.)

Each day of the week the staff wears a different color.  Tuesdays are this very bright yellow.  To show our appreciation of their caring and professional atmosphere I made each staff member a yellow felt rose.  It has a clip on the back.  I clipped each one to a small card that said:  "For clipping on clothes, bags, scarves and hair or just for knowing you are appreciated!"  
Everybody loved them and its fun to see the staff wearing them when I go in. 

 I bundled them all up in a  piece of crepe paper.  Here is the tag I tied it with. 

The whole office has a woodland creature decor.  Very cute.  I saw these tree bark pencils and colored pencils at Homegoods and had to have them.  I tied a little ribbon on with a handmade tag and it was ready to take with us.  The pencils were a big hit.  Apparently once you take them out of the package you can see tiny twigs shooting off of the pencils.  Everyone at the front desk raved over them for at least 20 minutes with a packed waiting room watching the spectacle.  It was pretty funny and a little embarrassing.  I'm really glad the gift gave them all a little lift in the middle of a work day. 

Magnetic Wreath for Young Women's

My sister wanted a center piece for her church lessons.  She teaches the 12-18 year old young women in our congregation.  Our Young Women's program has 8 values, each value is represented by a different color.  Faith (White), Divine Nature (Blue), Individual Worth (Red), Knowledge (Green), Choice and Accountability (Orange), Good Works (Yellow), Integrity (Purple), and Virtue (Gold). 

She wanted each value represented in the center piece.  She loves the felt roses I make and she wanted to turn some into magnets.  I loved the idea and decided to put magnets on a wreath so we could use the wreath as our center piece.  Then she could use the Young Women's colors or choose colors to match the season's holiday.  As she is teaching her lesson she can pull the roses off the wreath to use for magnets on the chalk board.  

I hot glued the magnets onto the wreath and the flowers.  You have to be care that all magnets are facing the same way.  If they aren't you run into polarity issues and the magnets will repel instead of attract.  :) 

We decided to add a few extra leaves onto the wreath and then I tied a little twine around one side just to break up the dark brown of the wreath. Here are some Fourth of July colors. 

My sister took the wreath to church a couple of times and used it as a nice table display for her lesson.  Everyone thought it was pretty but didn't realize they were magnets.  The other week she was teaching the lesson for all the age groups.  As she reached over and grabbed one of the roses off the wreath to use it for a magnet she heard an audible gasp go through the room!  They had no idea they were magnets and were so surprised she was "ripping" the flowers off the wreath:)  LOL!  She was trying so hard not to laugh at their reactions!!

It turned out so well that I've since made one for my other sister as home decor and one for myself, just because.   :)

For my other sister.  You can see the magnets on the wreath and flowers.  Getting the polarity right is seriously the hardest thing about this project. 

For myself.

It's so pretty all white.  I will try to post a picture of that later.  Let me know if you have any questions on how we made these!