Sunday, October 14, 2012

Duct Tape Purse Green

On Pinterest I found the idea of a duct tape purse.  I followed this basic TUTORIAL.  Here is a general idea of what we did to alter the basic tutorial. 

Started with a rectangular piece of fabric.  The correct side of the pattern facing down.  That will become the inside of the purse so you want the nice side of the fabric to show.  Cover the back side of the fabric with duct tape in what ever pattern you like.  I started in the middle and worked my way out.  The very middle will become the bottom of the bag. 

Once you lift the fabric up, trim the edges of excess tape.  Tape the sides up.  Then you take the bottom corners and poke them into the inside of the bag.  Flatten them inside the bag and make it sit nicely.  I put a strip of tape along the inside bottom to hold the corners flat and to give a little more strength and shape to the bottom.   The pictures I have on the Duct Tape Purse Blue entry are much better at showing how to do the corner. 

This was my first bag and I didn't want to use rope handles covered in tape like the tutorial I followed.  So I wasn't sure how to add straps that would be strong enough to withhold the weight of anything put in the bag. 

  I was afraid the handles would rip off if I only attached them to the sides or top.  I decided to use a continuous piece of ribbon and loop it completely underneath the outside of the bag.  That way any weight in the bag would squarely rest on both pieces of ribbon. 

After putting the two long pieces of ribbon under the bag I retaped over the white areas with more white.  Then just tied the lose ribbon ends at the top.  I like how it turned out.  The next tutorial has better step by step pictures.  I love the fresh bright colors.  If you try your hand at a duct tape purse I would love to see how your creation turns out.  Hope this was helpful.

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