Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stampin' Up Matchbox Die

I love the Big Shot machine and all the things it can do.  This is such a cute little box and is made with the Matchbox Die.  I've had a great time filling them up with Hersey nuggets but I'd love to find another candy that fits it just as perfectly.

A friend came over and made a few boxes for her children's teachers.  She did such a great job picking out colors, papers and stamps.  (So glad you came over Marla!)

 I liked her choices so much, I copied her and made a few of these for my kids teachers.

Then I made twelve of them for the civilian's my husband works with.  Too cute that the toughest guy of them all (think long hair and beard down to his waist) appreciated the homemade gifts the most.  So cute, I totally worried they'd think these were lame and girly.  Funny how people can surprise you.
 To make the candy wraps you take a sheet of letter labels and stamp it up.  Then wrap the candy with the labels.  You'll have a little extra to cut off.  They are also really cute wrapped in patterned paper.
 I like to wrap the boxes in string.  It's cute and keeps the boxes closed. 
Add a gift tag and you are done:)

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