Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kids Digital Daily Checklist

I recently made a digital checklist for my little boy.  I used the square tag project from Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio (MDS).  I printed them out and put them on a lanyard he could wear.  He has a hard time staying focused and I hoped the checklist would help him.  I have printed little check marks that he velcros onto the colored square when he completes one of the items.  He is still learning to read so everything is in picture form.  I got the pictures mostly from free clip art I found online.  I will run through what each picture means.  I didn't have another lanyard on me so I used a clip for me daughter.  She can clip it to her clothes as she moves through the list.  I find this is easier than having the list on a wall somewhere that they have to come back to. 

  Before school he needs to go to the bathroom, wash his hands, eat breakfast and get his shoes on.  I created the sun in MDS.

 After school he needs to put his shoes away as soon as he gets home.  Go to the bathroom and wash his hands.  The apple represents having a snack and the book represents doing his homework.  After his checklist is complete he can do fun stuff of his choice.  I got the little dots encircling the 1234 stamp by laying it over the A+ stamp and then grouping them.  I had to first lay a white circle punch over the A+, then put the 1234 stamp on top of that.  Otherwise the A+ showed through.

 In the evening, he needs to brush his teeth, go to the bathroom and wash his hands.  Get his PJ's on, get into bed and say prayers.  We usually also read together but I already had too many pictures going on.  I tried to keep it to only four tasks to keep things simple for him.  The bat might seem a little odd but he loves bats and it says night time to me.

 I knew my older daughter would see his checklist and want one for herself, even though she really doesn't need one.  So here is a "girl" version of the checklist.

In the morning she needs to get herself dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and brush her hair. 

After school she needs to put her shoes away, eat a snack, start homework and practice the trumpet.
In the evening, she needs to feed her dog, clear her dishes, brush teeth, put on PJ's and get in bed.   After that she can read for a while and then say her prayers before lights out.                                   

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