Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few random gifts

I love the Make a Monster stamp set.  The kids have a lot of fun with it too.  Here is a card I made in about 3 minutes for a little boys birthday.

This is a card I made for one of the teacher's at Jack's school.  He was less than appreciative of her contribution to his education and this was an "I'm sorry" and "Thank you" card all in one.  I used the treat cups from Stampin' Up.  The little tag at the top says pull and it lets the candy come out.  
 Ilana has lost another tooth.  I have a cute toothfairy stamp and used it to make a little case for the toothfairy to leave some money.
 Very quickly made Birthday gift for Jack's teacher.

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  1. These are some very sweet ideas. What fun stamps you have!