Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here are some random cards I've made over the last few months. When I begin a card I usually pick a stamp set or paper at random then look around and build from there. Sometimes it works ok and sometimes not.

This is one of my favorite stamps. I guess it is suppose to be for wedding but I'm sure I can find other uses. Baptism etc. I just love the pattern on the dress. I need to play around more with this one more.

A couple of baby cards. Not my favorite.

These two are made with the Stampin' Up treat cups. It was the first time I'd used them and I found they are not as easy as they look. It took me quite a while to work these out. They are cute but not my favorites. I will have to work on getting better at them.

Jason had to send a thank you card to his boss for an open house the boss and his wife did. He asked me for a card and he literally blanched when I suggested this card. :)
I guess I can see why. But really, it was going to the wife! Anyways, he then gave me strict instructions that there be NO flowers (especially really big floppy ones). This is what I came up with.
It is inspired by the cavalry red and white. Their guide on, or flag, looks kinda like this. Before I put it together I called and asked him if the red and white have to be in a certain order etc. He was glad I called because it matters a lot. He said the red goes above the white. Meaning: Blood before surrender. Would have been really bad if I put white on top. Anyways, Jason much preferred this card as a thank you note for his boss. :)

When I did some thank you notes to ladies in the troop FRG I did some smaller versions of this that were a little more complicated. I am so mad I didn't take pictures because they were really cute!!

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