Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here are some projects I've done lately.

A 'thank you' card for a good friend (Hi Cori). She is the one that introduced me to Stampin' Up. I had just gotten some new square punches and wanted to try them out. I had some left over cute paper from a sour cream container and decided to use it. I think it turned out really cute.

I love the sour cream container to hold candy or whatever as a little thank you. These are really easy. Take a slightly rectangular piece of paper. Maybe 8"x 5". Put tape on three sides, two short and one long. Tape the long sides together, then fold one of the short sides together. Put something inside. Then take the other short side and fold it the opposite direction as the first short side, so they are perpendicular to each other. That gives it the twist effect. With a crimper you can give the taped ends the corrugated effect. Then just add a tag or ribbon of some type.

As I've been looking at other people's blogs, I notice they have their own distinct style. I am experimenting with some different styles. Mostly I just put a couple things together (I love using up scraps, makes me feel like I'm recycling) and move them around the table until it seems to fit right.

With this card I was looking at a patchwork quilt type style. I had seen some really cute cards where lately that took the craziest materials and they looked fabulous together. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that. I like cards that "pop" better. A solid, a bright color that is highlighted and a cute pattern to compliment.

For stamp club in January we did some cute valentines. Here is one of the projects inspired by sptampin up's catalog.

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  1. I am really into scrapbooking, but I am loving your blog. How do you create the sour cream containers? I would love if you could show me how!