Sunday, October 6, 2013

Visiting Teaching for General Conference Weekend

About a week ago I had the "bright" idea to make up some conference weekend packets for the ladies I visit teach and their kids.  Here are some things I included in each package.  Conference worksheets geared toward each kids age, assigned to each individual with a monogramed gift tag.  A spyglass.  Pencils.  Chocolate and Popcorn (not shown).

 Chocolates the mom's may, or may not, share.:)

 A prophet spyglass made out of empty kitchen towel rolls and duck tape.
 Pulled some random pages I liked from packets found on and Pinterest.
Made some conference binoculars for my kids, they loved them.
Months ago I started saving empty kitchen towel holders.  Was really excited to have just the right number I needed for these conference spyglasses.
Thought I was so smart to get my visiting teaching done for the month of October the first three days of the month only to find out that my route had changed and I don't have any of those families anymore!  Serves me right for being on top of things:)  I will miss serving those families and value the friendships I've made.  It was nice to go out with a bang at least:)

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