Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter envelope. A little bit different.

Here is a Thank You card I made.  It's the size and shape of a regular letter envelope.  I love the long shape.  Makes for a different, even unexpected, look.  It is not a card you open.  It's one piece of paper with a front and back.

I love to stamp on velum.  It has texture but you can see degrees of depth with it.

 Sorry the picture of the back is sideways.  Can't figure out why my pictures keep doing that.  I didn't tie the ribbon I just twisted it around and used glue dots to keep it in place.  I wrote my note on the flat part but didn't want it to show it here so I cut it off in the picture.  I think I might use this format a little more often.  Always fun to do something different.

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